Het Onderwijsloket

The Client Het Onderwijsloket was launched in January 2020 on the initiative of the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and the Association of Universities. The goal is to create one central, independent platform with all information about working in education. The team consists of educational experts who give personal advice on making the transition…

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Trainees in Onderwijs

The Client Trainees in Onderwijs set themselves the goal of enriching education by winning a new target group for education and improving the perspective of teaching. They do this by offering a traineeship, in cooperation and connection with schools, companies, universities and civil society organizations, specifically designed for this target group. The Request In…

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Arte Foundation

The Client The Arte Responsible Stone Foundation is the result of the project Arte Right To Education (A.R.T.E.). This project was started by Arte to create a ‘Child Labour Free Zone’ around the quarries where Arte buys her granite. The Request To set up the foundation, a new web platform with custom branding had…

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