About Me

Overenthusiastic about everything contemporary and digital, but has just as good an eye for anything that’s vintage or a classic.

Started a design agency after studying communications at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

When not designing, you’ll find me drinking Scotch Single Malt whilst reading books (accompanied by my two cats).

  • Working fromUtrecht, NL
  • AddressVredenburg 40
  • E-mailremi@bureaubox.nl
  • Phone+316 462 952 04

What I Do

Concept Development

Are you looking to create a new brand, service or tool for your audience? Together we'll make sure your concept is in line with its goals.

Online Strategy

Trying to reach an online audience can sometimes feel like screaming in the void. By defining a proper strategy, we can make your message stick.

Digital Design

Do you want to digitally convey a message to your audience? Whether it be an app, a website or online campaign, together we'll create a design with lasting impact.

Project Management

The key to any project's success is within its handling. As a project manager, I 'll keep the project on track within the bounds of time and budget, through multiple iterations.

Who I work for and why I do it

About two years after starting my design agency, I had an insight. At the time I thought it was a bold and refreshing idea. And although it may seem quite simple, it’s had a profound impact on my professional career.

The idea is this: “If you’re going to have to work or get a job either way, why not make sure this job benefits society as a whole?

You might not be aware of this, but people working in marketing or communications have a tendency to view their job as ‘bullshit’ (Viewing tip: the VPRO Backlight documentery with David Graeber, who coined the term ‘Bullshit Jobs’). 

And I have to say: most of them are right. Do we – as a society – benefit from a marketeer selling us another chocolate bar (or beer, car, iPhone)? Or could her/his time and intellect be better spend elsewhere?

My answer is yes. And that’s why I’m working for projects and clients who ‘make an impact’. Who have a vision for a better world, and are willing to act on it. I’d love to work with you on this.

Former and Current Clients